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Workshop On C++

  • 11:00 am
  • Online

This is a free python workshop in which you will learn the basics and how to code with python.
The Curriculum which we will follow in entire workshop is :
Chapter 0 Introduction / Getting Started
0.1 Introduction to these tutorials
0.2 Introduction to programming languages
0.3 Introduction to C/C++
0.4 Introduction to C++ development
0.5 Introduction to the compiler, linker, and libraries
0.6 Installing an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
0.7 Compiling your first program
0.8 A few common C++ problems
0.9 Configuring your compiler: Build configurations
0.10 Configuring your compiler: Compiler extensions
0.11 Configuring your compiler: Warning and error levels
0.12 Configuring your compiler: Choosing a language standard